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This had all been helped along by one Francis H. Clergue who arrived in the area in 1894 and took up residence in the old log house which was then located in the Sault Locks area and was moved in recent years next to the Ermatinger Old Stone House on Queen Street at Pim. Clergue was an American entrepreneur who immediately took over the construction of the Tagona Water and Light Co., started the paper mill, the machine shop, the steel mill, the Algoma Central Railway, a carbide plant in Sault, Mich.

The plusher SZ T model adds a rear view camera, a Smartphone link display audio system, 16 inch alloy wheels and front fog lamps. Meanwhile, at the top of the range, the ‘SZ5’ features auto air conditioning, 16 inch polished alloy wheels, satellite navigation, an advanced forward detection system, keyless entry and start and rear electric windows. The SZ5 is available with a six speed automatic transmission as an option..

Found a way to incorporate Coulson into this world. He still had this dry sense of humor but he was more in charge in this particular hammer discovering incident, he said. Now, I think fans get all tingly whenever he appears. First up is prime minister designate Justin Trudeau’s choice of defence minister. The chatter in industry circles in recent days has been about whether or not Andrew Leslie, former commanding general of the Canadian Army, gets the nod. He seems a shoo in.

“It means everything, she said, adding that the company dropping the term when referring to women was significant to her. Not divas anymore, we’re superstars and I think that’s so important. It needs to be talked about that we’re not divas, we’re superstars, we’re as equal as the men because we proved it, we proved that we can hang in that ring and do it just like the guys because you gave us the time and the opportunity, we could have people talking about what women can do in the WWE.

There’s no doubt that being involved in a family court trial is stressful. The issues often affecting relationships with children and/or financial security are central to people’s lives. And emotions usually run high. Craig Kohler, United Way President and graduate of the university’s Political Science program in 1989, also encourages everyone to get involved in the campaign. “As president of the United Way and an Algoma Alumni, I encourage you to participate in the university’s campaign. It was the experience I gained inside and outside the classroom that gave me the confidence and experience to take up this tremendous responsibility.”.


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