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2: The image on the screen is one of a road project under construction. The voice over says: “When you see projects like this under construction, projects that make it easier for you to get to and from your home and that also build Tennessee’s economy, it’s because (name and office) worked to ensure this project, and others like it, are being built.”(Name) works hard to ensure that roads are constructed and maintained to get you where you want to go smoothly, quickly, and safely. While others attack (name) for his work for you, you know It’s another reason (name) is looking out for you as your (state representative/state senator).”Note that ad No.

Il n’a pas t possible de parler Mme Braun de cette situation. Son chef affirme qu’elle est inscrite sur la liste lectorale permanente du Qubec depuis le mois de juillet cette anne. Selon les informations que j’ai eues avec elle au moment d’attester sa candidature au parti Dmocratie Mercier dans le district 1, tout tait conforme, indique t il..

A soft outer shell that belies a tough inner core is characteristic of Eastern meditation and martial arts, so it is understandable that Patrick Robinson chose judo and the body skimming shapes of Eastern style as themes from which to work. Track suits served the same purpose; Mr. Robinson took this most utilitarian of garments and translated it into splendidly rich looking fabrics.

School City of Hammond students with substantial disabilities have been embraced, encouraged, and provided opportunities at no cost and included in all programs that the Hammond and Whiting YMCA’s offer. The students are invited to become active participants in all of the various classes offered. Both YMCA’s provide inclusive community participation at all levels and their mission, vision, and values are enriching the lives of the students on a daily basis.

Journal Communications shareholders who sell their shares before the closing date will be selling their right to receive the shares of Journal Media Group. Scripps shareholders who sell their shares before the closing date will be selling their right to receive the special cash dividend and the shares of Journal Media Group. As a result, from March 23, 2015, through the day prior to the closing, Scripps shares and Journal Communications shares are trading with “due bills”.

It took second place in general excellence for papers of the same size. The awards were among several gathered by the Coastline and its sister papers at the 2003 Better Newspapers Contest luncheon Saturday on the Queen Mary. Cahn, who has been the paper’s managing editor.


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