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Will you be my friend? With the possible exception of “Does this look infected?,” there is no more off putting question. Friends are like handkerchiefs: everybody needs them, but the sight of someone asking for one is so mortifyingly vulnerable that you want to avert your eyes from the whole mess. As with handkerchiefs, it’s probably best not to look at friendship too closely, at least until you’ve had it around for a while.

The document does claim we will cooperate closely with allies to ensure that no adversarial power dominates Europe, the Indo Pacific, or the Middle East. We will also “catalyze” action to achieve better outcomes in multinational forums and when signing treaties. America, according to the new NSS, will advance its influence by championing our principles and encouraging others to move toward rule of law and individual rights in the countries we engage with.

Carbon fibre was invented by the British in the 1960s (at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough), but was given a boost by its use in space flight. Carbon fibre reinforced graphite is used in the nose cone of the Space Shuttle. Teflon coated fibreglass is now used for the roofs of many buildings worldwide, including the Dome in London..

Sports centre contract. Applebaum responds with a surprised, high pitched trying to find things, Applebaum says on tape. Order to charge you, got to see the money. The shop also carries holiday dcor and gifts, including beautiful ornaments. Owner Emiley Roman also handcrafts her own line of jewelry sold exclusively in her shop. The store is only open on Saturdays from 11 am 4 pm.

I admire you so much would like to open an abortion clinic in your parking lot and call it Abortions n Sht. Next door would put a shop ShtHeads, and then of those government offices where they surgically implant the tracking microchips which I would call R Ass. Sorry.

Jim: It was hard seeing them leave. From the time we went to LA to interview to the end of the race, I never saw anything in my mind other than victory. I just visualized it over and over. You see, the issue is ego inside the bubble. These people start to get the idea, fed by an atmosphere of constant crisis, obsequious aides and a panting press, that they really are special. Take John Baird, who flew commercial to Africa in December 2012 for a Friends of the Syrian People meeting in Marrakech then hopped the Challenger for a same day Broader Middle East and North Africa meeting in Tunis..


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