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The media is an easy target because it’s all around us. It shapes how we see people and the decisions we make. To present visual images, the media often engages in some version of stereotyping Native Americans with feathers, for example. In addition to the brown recluse spider being reclusive, it only found in a few areas of the country, primarily in the midwest, spreading into parts of the southeast. Oh, and one other thing. The brown recluse takes months to make enough venom to kill its prey, so chances are, it won’t waste it on you something way too big for it to kill because it would go hungry for a few months..

This change from mini term to Discovery came about in response to feedback from churches and families. Oftentimes church trips and school mini terms became competing interests, especially when such trips each cost a large amount of money. “Congregations welcomed more cooperation with the school,” said Steve Yoder, a Bible teacher at EMHS who is heading up the transition from mini term to Discovery curriculum..

CHICO fans of all ages have been abuzz for months now as advertisements around town have proclaimed the implausible: After a 10 year drought, Bay Area rap legend E 40 is returning to Chico for a generation spanning concert Saturday, Oct. 6, featuring rappers Berner, Ray Dogg, Cool Nutz and Potluck at all ages venue Cal Skate Chico. Referring to himself by many colorful names over the years, including Forty Fonzarelli, the Inventor of Slang and even his birth name, Earl Stevens, E 40 is not only famous, like contemporaries that have visited Chico such as Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, but continues to create popular, relevant music.

On Sunday, December 13, the Quebec City Jewish community invited their fellow Quebecers to join them in the celebration of Hanukah: the festival of lights. To mark this special occasion a giant menorah had been constructed out of ice next to the skating rink at Place d’Youville . The ice sculptor, Michel Lapierre, who is known for his work at the Ice Hotel, was very keen to take on this lovely project.

During the capture effort near Grygla one elk was fatally injured and one elk was collared that appears to have recently suffered a gunshot wound, which was noticed when the animal was being worked up. All other elk appeared to be in good condition. Similar to data already collected on hunter harvested elk, any elk that may die during the course of the study will be necropsied to better understand mortality factors and overall condition of the elk..


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