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She was born November 9, 1926 in Youngstown, to Stephen and Katherine (Drapp) Sopkovich. She worked as the Head Registration Secretary for the YWCA in 1950 1956 and was the Health Education Secretary in 1951 in Milford, CT. Dorothy was also columnist for Welcome Wagon in Milford, CT from 1961 1962.

The century old society established the Great Teachers Award in 1949 to honor faculty of the college and of the engineering school who challenge and inspire undergraduate students. Administrators from each school nominate a handful of professors for the award, and the society’s members review the candidates and select one winner from each school. “These teachers demonstrate strong abilities to communicate, teach and lead discussions that make students think,” said Gerald Sherwin (CC’55), vice president of the society..

At the top of the hour, Sean Conohan tells us about his podcast focusing onPTSD in first responders. We talk about using Facebook to conduct business with Peter Moorhouse of the Better Business Bureau. Todd MacDonald, president of Energy Atlantica weighs in on whether or not Nova Scotia should revisit fracking.

One can, I suppose, fault Democrats for taking the President at his word. He is, after all, the Liberace of Lying: fluid, florid, flamboyant. But I wonder if this is something different than the standard Trump diet of supersized lies. It keeps the cost down, but destroys some of the protein. Labels will now be required to reflect this difference in potency. Purity means that the final product contains no contaminants, like heavy metals, insect parts or melamine..

I really had a blast working with him. One thing that was fun about this was that I got to play Agent Coulson in different worlds, different pictures. Really different directors. Moreover, it should be made absolutely apparent in the body of text that the letter is non binding, meaning it has no legal value. It is recommended that the words ‘non binding’ should be included in the title of the letter such that the title reads, ‘non binding letter of intent’. To further this point, you should use the phrase ‘not legally binding’, in bold or capitalized font, right above where the respective parties are to sign the document.If, however, you do have a portion of the document which is legally binding, you have to make the necessary provisions to ensure that this is clear to all parties.

“There is no reason at all to destroy boards to meet the minister’s objectives,” she said. “We endorse the minister’s goals of better co ordination, greater efficiency and less duplication of services. But these objectives can and should be met without destroying our communities’ infrastructure.


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