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And Simon’s only opinion is that I look lovely. He knows that whatever he says I will do entirely the opposite thing. He’s worked that out.. Numbers, however, I don know. I don endorse other people opinions. With files by Patrick Maloney and Hailey Salvian, Free Press reporters..

Program, is an annual preventative event aimed at teens who are new drivers or about to be new drivers. Now in its third year, the day long event features a mock drunk driving accident wherein students witness the consequences of impaired driving and the step by step emergency response in a collision scenario. Students also hear presentations from emergency response personnel such as Military Police, EMS and paramedic services, fire rescue services and the RCMP.

Caldwell County: A $411,375 grant to support the renovation of a building in Lenoir that will facilitate a 42 job expansion at Bakers Waste Equipment. The company manufactures compactors and containers for the waste and recycling industry. The project renovates and improves roofing, HVAC, electrical and lighting, and expands office space at the building, which was constructed in 1954.

Voice of English speaking Qubec (VEQ) has joined a growing number of voices, among them the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), expressing strong reservations about Health Minister Gatan Barrette’s Bill 10, tabled on September 25, which aims to modify the organization and governance of Quebec’s health and social services network. “I have heard from many community members who are extremely concerned about Bill 10,” states VEQ president Taylor Ireland. “VEQ has already met with elected officials to express the community’s deep unease and has requested access to the parliamentary hearings on Bill 10.

DOHERTY TAKES THE GREAT PLAY TO PICK IT OFF. LACONIA, THEY WIN 58 19. HOW ABOUT THE RAY MOB RAMS AT HOLE WITH FRANKLIN. Teacher on the NBC program, “The Bill Cosby Show.”1972 1984 “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” runs on television.September 20, 1984 “The Cosby Show” debuts on NBC. Cosby plays Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable.1984 1992 “The Cosby Show” runs on NBC.October 3, 1992 Is inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.1996 2000 Stars on the television sitcom “Cosby.” Phylicia Rashad again co stars as his character’s wife.January 16, 1997 Cosby’s only son, Ennis, is robbed and murdered on a Los Angeles highway after he stops to fix a flat tire.July 1997 Autumn Jackson, who claimed to be Cosby’s illegitimate daughter, is found guilty of attempting to extort $40 million dollars from him.


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