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Peter Bearman, Jonathan R. Cole Professor of the Social Sciences, is currently investigating the social determinants of the autism epidemic. A specialist in network analysis, he co designed the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and has used the data extensively for research on topics including adolescent sexual networks, networks of disease transmission, and genetic influences on same sex preference.

There is a widespread misconception that most cases go to trial. The truth is, a tiny fraction of cases ever make it to a jury trial. For example, the National Law Journal reports that only 1.2 percent of federal civil cases went to trial in 2009. CLAIRE PETULENGRO is an astrologer and clairvoyant. She writes the horoscopes for several publications including The Mirror’s We Love Telly magazine as well as COMPANY and over forty regional newspapers. She is the on line astrologer for VH 1 and the astrologer for new phone technology company 3.

London sucks. So says Evan Davis (right) in the first of a two part report on the economic split down the middle of the nation. As the capital sucks people in from around the country and squashes them together, it makes them more productive: London generates more than a fifth of the country’s income, polarising the infamous north south economic divide into more of a London everywhere else chasm.

Volkswagen’s modern era ‘Peoples’ Car’, the Golf family hatchback, has been bought by an awful lot of people. Launched back in 1974 to replace the iconic Beetle, it was the model that saved the company through 29 million sales and six generations that brought us to the MK7 model that launched here in 2013. This seventh generation version has sold very well for the Wolfsburg brand, but in recent times, the launch of tough new rivals like new versions of Vauxhall’s Astra and Renault’s Megane has caused some in the market to wonder whether the premium required to own a Golf in the family hatchback sector is really worth paying..

The Cowboys come into the tourney with three straight losses, all to ranked teams, and four straight losses in NCAA Tourney play. But with two national titles and six Final Fours in school history, Underwood wants his players to start thinking big. Should not be a foreign place for Oklahoma State basketball, he said in Indianapolis.

Franciscan Alliance Well Life representative Cindy Ross works in conjunction with the “Working Well” program which provides biometric screenings and education lectures utilizing hospital staff including nurses, and directors to several Hammond employers. Specifically the “Well Life” program provides educational materials with some on site events to Hammond employers: the City of Hammond; the School City of Hammond; Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad; Cintas; and Unilever. On a more regional perspective, Franciscan St.


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