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Tremblay cites the recent shooting in Orlando, pointing out that people are still dying because of their sexual orientation. “It’s a more solemn occasion, and we want to speak out in front of the National Assembly because we want to show how lucky we are to be here and to live our homosexuality. We want to say to people that there is still homophobia in the world and we must continue to be here, to be visible,” he surmises..

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is responding to food needs through Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan and Interfaith League Against Poverty who will distribute food kits containing rice, lentils, flour, oil, sugar, salt, tea, and spices.Since heavy monsoon rains began falling in northern Pakistan on July 21, it is estimated that 1,500 people have died and 12 million have been affected by the severe floods. These numbers are expected to rise as rain and flooding continue across Pakistan.According to Jim Cornelius, Executive Director of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, “agricultural and crop lands have been severely damaged as a result of flooding, particularly in Punjab province, where much of the country’s grain is grown. This damage will negatively impact food security in the area, especially for families directly affected by the floods.”Food prices have significantly increased due to both flooding and the coming of Ramadan.

Despite the agility of smartphones it is still much easier to produce most work with a larger screen and if you are having to type a lot then a laptop is generally preferred over a tablet computer (such as a iPad or Kindle). Build quality is very important for people who travel a lot. This make Apple products attractive due to their sturdy casing and reliable software platform.

“Diversity is probably at the top of the list. We are there to serve the entire community, and recognizing that we’re not the only ones that put on shows. But within that context we look at where the gaps are as to what is available in the community, and also that diversity of presentation.

Our guided meander also took us through the funky shopping area on James Street, the Queen Street Mall and the utterly charming laneways of the Fortitude Valley, where you might grab a fancy coffee or beer to sip outdoors at a table tucked in a narrow winding passage. What’s around the corner? You will want to find out, for sure. A travel colleague dubbed it “crevice culture,” a phrase I’m shamelessly stealing..

He said the challenge of the course is what makes the sport special.”The game of golf is about the highs and lows of the sport. And if you try to eliminate some of that, it takes away from some of the core of what the game is about,” Hawthorne said.Some people have reinvented the game to their tastes to generate interest. Paul Scaringe opened the Go Low Indoor Driving Range in Las Vegas to create an experience not available at a traditional, public golf course.”They’re losing a lot of golfers.


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