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Nearly one fifth of the 2,420 applicants who requested expedited processing through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program are from Robeson County. The program includes the options of elevation, acquisition and demolition (“buyout”) or mitigation reconstruction (demolition and rebuild) for eligible applicants. Applications from Lumberton and Princeville, also heavily damaged, will be given priority.

NEOSHO, Mo. The Nevada Middle School seventh and eighth grade boys’ and girls’ track teams completed the 2014 season Wednesday, competing in the Tri County Conference meet, at Neosho Middle School. The seventh grade girls and eighth grade boys turned in the best team performances for Nevada on the day, as they each came home third, overall.

(NMS) reports earnings for Qtr to March 31WEDDINGS; Dana Sopher, Jay MarcusWEDDINGS; Nina Shapiro and Harold DauermanWEDDINGS; Rhona C. Graff, Lucius J. RiccioWeis Markets reports earnings for Qtr to March 27Wells Fargo’s Rebate CardWicks Law Reform Can’t WaitWith an Accent, All Star Repertory TheaterWolohan Lumber (NMS) reports earnings for Qtr to March 31World Acceptance (NMS) reports earnings for Qtr to March 31World EconomiesXplor Corp.

Had some really great things come out of this type of event before, she said. Our hope that similar collaborations can happen again. Those interested in participating in a more hands on activist related demonstration for International Women Week, there is a Day of Action on March 8.

La galaxia entera a la izquierda es una imagen en infrarrojo lejano obtenida por el observatorio Herschel. La imagen ampliada se gener combinando datos de infrarrojo medio del observatorio Herschel y datos de luz visible (H alpha) del telescopio de Blanco, un telescopio de 4 metros. Crditos: NASA/GSFC; NRAO/AUI/NSF; ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO); Herschel/ESA; NOAO.

Tomato plants grown outdoors will also get help with pollination from wind and the activity of pollinating insects such as bumble bees.Supporting Growing Tomato PlantsAfter the plants have achieved a height of 35 cm, they will need extra support. Staking up developing tomatoes also keeps them away from slugs on the ground. Using strips of soft cloth (about 2 cm by 25 cm), tie the plant stem in 2 3 places to a support stake that extends at least 1 metre above the ground.Wire tomato cages or other commercial support devices (poles, sticks, posts, garden clips, string, plastic cable ties, stretch ties, flagging tape, etc.) may also be used.


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