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Bill Bray, a former Oxford Township committeeman interested in filling a vacancy on the committee, got an unexpected surprise when he told the New Jersey Division of Local Government Services it should have done a better job advertising the process by which the state will be filling three committee seats. A division spokesperson replied to an email from Bray, chairman of the township’s Democratic committee, advising him of news releases sent out to inform residents about the application rules and deadlines. Normally, that might be the end of the story, but Bray was copied on a email from Thomas H.

We gave her an assignment and she found a house that exactly matched our description. Her positive attitude and patience were much appreciated, as we were not willing to spend more than our limit. Anya really respected and worked within our parameters to find us a great first home.

The introductory screen, click on for Filed Comments. (3) In the box, enter the numerals in the docket number. (4) Click on the box marked Document List. De retour dans son appartement, le couple a pris la dcision de se rfugier sur son balcon dans l’espoir d’tre vacu et pour ne plus respirer de fume. Un de leur fils est arriv sur les lieux peu de temps aprs et a aperu ses parents sur le balcon. Quand on a vu Alain, a nous a calms, rassurs, se souvient Mme Viens..

There are also “performance” frames designed to withstand the rigors of the tennis court, the soccer field or even Operation Desert Shield. Gargoyles Performance Eyewear of Kent, Wash., makes attractive high tech, “wrap back” sunglasses for the military (company literature brags the lenses are “so tough they have withstood the impact of a .177 caliber pellet traveling 290 miles per hour”) and sells similar models to the general public. Sun Shade Optique and Strictly Sunglasses carry Gargoyles in Southern California..

71, 77 (1979)( appearance of a person in a public place necessarily involves doffing the cloak of privacy which the law protects. To the extent practicable, the line separating appropriate investigation from an invasion of privacy should be clearly drawn so that investigators may know when they are crossing or approaching that line. C.

Use Year: A Use Year is a 12 month period beginning on the first day of a month. This is also sometimes referred to as the anniversary date. Each unit in a resort has a specific use year assigned to it. The name says it all and lets you know they have just what you’re looking for: free fall adventures skydiving school. You want to learn, and this is the place to do it. Based in Williamstown, New Jersey, and within easy reach of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington, Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School has been in the skydiving business for 20 years.


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