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But you wouldn’t know that based on the policies we’ve adopted as a country. Across our nation, working parents face barriers to staying in the workforce. Lack of access to affordable child care and to paid family, medical and parental leave forces people to choose between taking care of their children or a sick family member and losing their job and their health insurance..

Members of the Division were sent to Malta last February to assist with the evacuation of Canadians in Libya during the beginning stages of the civil war that was being fought between forces loyal to Muammar Ghaddafi and his regime and those seeking to dispose him. Close to 100 personn e l f r o m t h e C F w h i c h included elements from the Air Force, Navy and Army worked together in order to liaise with other countries’ military to not only rescue Canadians, but people from other nations as well. In all, the mission managed to rescue 4,400 civilians which included 318 Lean Ground Beef $ 2 69 LB $5.93KG Glazed Honey Mustard Back Bacon $ 3 99 LB $8.80KG Submitted photo by Brad Lowe LGen Marc Lessard (left) presents LCol Tony Dejacolyn, Commanding Offi cer for Joint Task Force Malta, with a commendation.

Introduction: $5, No Tool, Bamboo SunglassesI have wanted a pair of wooden sunglasses for a while now but haven’t been able to justify the fairly exorbitant price tag associated with them. After recently getting a new pair of prescription sunglasses I decided to try my hand at making some wooden frames for as little as possible. I ended up spending only about 5 dollars and not having to invest in any tools or supplies..

Fox had become a national star by the time he reached Ontario; he made numerous public appearances with businessmen, athletes, and politicians in his efforts to raise money. He was forced to end his run outside of Thunder Bay when the cancer spread to his lungs. His hopes of overcoming the disease and completing his marathon ended when he died nine months later..

He’s dependent on her.” Despite Jon’s deception, Leslie nevertheless feels that their affection for each other is genuine. “I think that they are in love with one another,” she says. Paul Mathis helped conduct research to determine the correlation in attachment to human beings and God, and said presenting with his research team was very encouraging. “The people who came by expressed a lot of interest in our topic. It was affirming to hear that other people thought what we were working on had value,” said Mathis..


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