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Army Air Corp from 1942 to 1946 during WW II in the European Theater. He married Helen Jean Jerschefske on June 14, 1947 in Cedarburg. He worked for Kiekhaefer Marine and Mercury Marine in Cedarburg and then in Fond du Lac before retiring. But they passed on music to other generations. It amazing how many little kids love to dance to that music. Songs, most romantic, some wistful, others filled with longing, but all incredibly tuneful, became an everyman soundtrack because they were performed at USOs, where the enlisted men visited while the upper ranks were at the officers clubs (no doubt listening to the very same tunes).

I am a perfectly healthy in ship shape and exercise AT LEAST 5X a week, high intensity aerobics, working out, running several miles, etc. I am NEVER sedentary, always active, eat very healthily, never cramped or sit in front of a computer too long, never travel long distances. I also did not test positive on any of those blood tests designed to check for blood clots, and I have no family history of them..

A kid, I was seeing people in my room every night, explained Stapley, whose grandfather was once a psychic. I was on sleeping medication at 11 years old because I couldn sleep. At one point, I had these people that looked like pioneers in my room, and then I found out that this big log pile of mess in my front field was actually a cabin way back when in settler days, and when it collapsed, people died or abandoned it, so I thought it might be them.

I loathe Valentine’s Day. Give me Santa and baubles any day of the week compared to this poor excuse for florists to make a fortune while sickly couples paw at each other in restaurants during their consumption of treble priced menus. Can’t we at least complete the January sales before being reminded of this dubious ‘occasion’ when we’re expected to pin our hearts on our sleeves?.

Now, we consider Michael a personal friend and would absolutely come back to him for any future home sales. I’d definitely continue to recommend him to everyone. There was at the time no market for undeveloped land and we just let go our previous agents.

Courtney was paired with a fraternity and sorority group from University Park through the Adopt a Family program. Organizations like Pi Phi and SAE are dedicated to THON and its mission and spend time with their family or families before, during, and after THON weekend, including pre THON events and other fundraising activities. The program provides an amazing support system to the children fighting the disease and motivates the students to continue their fight for a cure..


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