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Blau is managing editor for projects and investigations at Bloomberg News, a global newsgathering organization. He served as managing editor ofThe Baltimore Sunfrom 2004 to 2008. Prior to that, he worked as a reporter and editor at theChicago Tribune, supervising some of the paper’s most prominent work, which included a Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for Explanatory Reporting..

The person who inspired my idea of the law the most was [Yale Law School Professor] Robert Cover (LAW’68), who died very young, unfortunately. But his idea of law really continues to inspire me to this day. Through his writing, teaching, and civil rights commitments, he gave law a profoundly transformative meaning.

Her final years were filled with inactivity, however, starting with engine trouble in 1973. The Arthur K. Atkinson made a brief resurgence in August of 1980 and ran between Frankfort and Mantitowac, Wisc. We’re getting along so well I reveal I’m a Democrat masking as Republican, just so he knows we’re on the same team.”How interesting,” he says, his eyes already looking over my shoulder for new possibilities. “I’m actually a Republican, but I’d never admit it. You probably shouldn’t say anything to anyone else.”Day 14Am moved to Public Affairs for a week (we all rotate among the five Communications departments, except Media Relations).

At the same time it is an outward indicator and an interior regulator of our life. As its beginning is involuntary so its suspension can only be temporary a minute or two held in or out. And when it stops, the end, our end, is complete and utter. Elaine died at home, with her husband Hans at her side just as she wanted. Hans and the family will share the details of a celebration of Elaine’s life in the days to come. AD{CS4344789} MPSSCS4344789MPSE AD{CS4344063} MPSSCS4344063MPSE Joe Randie Schellevis and big brother Hugh are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son AD{CS4346651} MPSSCS4346651MPSE AD{CS4343715} MPSSCS4343715MPSE Linda Kevin Stone of Millet along with Rosanne Mike Yaciuk of Stony Plain are pleased to announce the upcoming marriage of their children Lauren Stone to Allen Yaciuk Wedding to take place Sept.

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