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Below is the closed captioning text associated with this video. He has just arrived at l d’s filling station in mason city you can see behind me with a pretty nice crowd hear to listen, but this isn’t the only stop. Hubbell for gov lvo 1 natural sound lowerthird2line:iowa governor candidates touring charles city, ia we first caught up with him at a at aroma’s coffee shop in charles city were he gave examples about where his priorities are coming from siting that he is hearing fortdodge teachers are leaving for minnesota after the changes to collective bargaining last session.

It wasn the easiest name to carry. Would ask me what my name was, and I say, And they say, Like Hansel Gretel? And I say, like the photographer. They be, like, a problem now. Phillips credits his flair to his parents, and a childhood he spent in Stone Mountain, a small city on the fringe of the Atlanta suburbs with a population of fewer than 6,000. His father was a sales representative for the R. J.

The chief predators of deer were hunted to near extinction, and the land was cleared. Deer prefer open landscapes to eat and wooded areas to hide. As land was cleared for farming deer got the best of both worlds. I just need to do more marketing.”She said “there’s really no big risk right now” because she has been conservative with her inventory and her overhead costs are small when compared to a regular retail store.”That wouldn’t work for me because of having to rent a space and the overhead would mean I’d have to compete with machine made products,” she said. “They are priced down compared to the handmade items.”What’s most enjoyable, she said, “is just working with all these great people. It’s easy to believe in them and their products, and it’s a lot of fun to showcase them.”Yes, the best of both worlds running a virtual business with people you like.Tales of an antiquarian: Island expert marks five years of business on BainbridgeEven a cursory tour through Pastiche Antiques in the company of Denis Continue readingNew broker joins team at Coldwell Banker BainLongtime Bainbridge Island resident and community member Matt Makowicz has joined the Continue readingOutdoor independence, survival skills on sale at BIO+DEverything in here is about getting you out there.

Did you know? “I’ve built scale model ships and airplanes since I was in high school to relieve stress. I’m a bit OCD. I spend hours under a huge magnifying glass on a scale model of a DC 3, I paint the detail on the seats inside the cabin. And Mitra, S. And Miville Deschnes, M. A.


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