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“We also had more provincial qualifi ers with Connor MacFarlane, Adam Chard, Dominka Kindrat, and Lee Ann Gour bringing our total to nine going to short course provincials this spring.” Marlins who had top three fi nishes include; Adam Chard with six fi rst place fi nishes; Mateo Munoz, one fi rst place; Sebastien Michaud one fi rst and one third; Jacob Eby two fi rst, and one third; Connor Macfarlane one fi rst; Lloyd McKinnon one fi rst and two thirds; Lee Ann Gour one second and one third; Nicholas Lightbody two seconds and two fi rsts; Will Simpson one third; Breesha Maylin one third; and David Altrows with one third. The Kingston Striders y o u t h s k a t e r s h av e h a d a busy month, with several regional wins and a national title to show for it. In the meantime, volunteers with the club are busy preparing to co host the Ontario Provincial Short Track Speed Skating Championship on February 25 26 in Kingston.

At this point of time of time ten years holds some special significance, regarding the condition of the body. So be it the 70th or the 80th. There is some special significance of it. Mutual aid or protection . Fourth of July in Grand Marais Spend the Fourth of July in Grand Marais, celebrate the building of the breakwall: “The Dream is Solid as a Rock!” We have a parade, games, food, music, and a great fireworks display at sunset. Then feast at the All American Picnic at Fort Mackinac catered by Grand Hotel. Fire Department is the host to the Fun Games at Windermere Point.

Ten years ago: The Marine Corps announced that seven Marines and a sailor had been charged with murder for pulling an unarmed Iraqi civilian from his home and shooting him to death the previous April without provocation. (The group leader, Sgt. Lawrence G.

Since they did not know about the agreement, the auctioneer was justified in refusing to recognize a bid by Pearson, and in accepting MacGregor bid. The plaintiff failed to comply with the established terms of the foreclosure sale when he did not inform or show the auctioneer that he had at his disposal $5,000 to bid. Such a showing by the plaintiff, to the reasonable satisfaction of the auctioneer, was required before the plaintiff could become a qualified bidder..

When the amount owed to the subcontractor is disputed by the general contractor, as here, the disputed amount must be deposited in an interest bearing joint account in the names of both the general contractor and the subcontractor. C. 30, 39F(1)(f).


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