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Booze and cigarette taxes are what used to be called sin taxes, back when sin was seen as a guilty pleasure. Driving your car is the new sin. This is where the new gasoline tax comes in. Protecting those little things. Defending the pawn so you can sacrifice the king and queen. Us Now Praise the Empty Parking Lot (White Knuckle Press) is Heroux forthcoming chapbook.

But as we learn in Bevan’s book, in 1933 Lemkin had already described genocide in terms of two interlinked concepts: barbarity and vandalism. He understood barbarity primarily as “acts of extermination” targeting “ethnic, religious or social collectivities,” and vandalism as the “systematic and organized destruction of the art and cultural heritage.” During the civil war in Syria, many buildings and neighborhoods in Aleppo have been destroyed. The four satellite images layered into our map tell some of the stories of this ongoing erasure and its varied aftermaths deaths, departures and the reorganization of the urban landscape.

Carpenter, 75, died Wednesday of prostate cancer in his Hinsdale home. Mr. Carpenter, just last year retired from the board of directors of Smith, Bucklin Associates, a company he joined in 1958. Neither Fatal Attraction nor Jacob Ladder would have engaged the audience so viscerally without Jarre soundtrack. (If you haven seen Jacob Ladder and you a paranoia addict, you got to see this 1990 movie about Vietnam vets who unwittingly took part in an experimental drug program.) Born in 1924 in Lyon, Jarre studied with the Swiss composer Arthur Honegger. He died in Malibu on March 30.

Disconnecting calls, not answering calls, unprofessional conduct while on the phone . Or anything that causes an adverse business impact on Lightbridge, Inc. (complaint from client or agent, financial loss or client loss, etc.) may result in corrective action. Gupta, however, claimed never to have received a copy of these procedures.Prior to his termination, Gupta had been the subject of two complaints from dealers as a result of their interactions with him.

And Pinsonneault, Marc and Pisani, Alice and Poleski, Radosaw and Prada, Francisco and Prakash, Abhishek and Queiroz, Anna Brbara de Andrade and Raddick, M. Jordan and Raichoor, Anand and Rembold, Sandro Barboza and Richstein, Hannah and Riffel, Rogemar A. And Riffel, Rogrio and Rix, Hans Walter and Robin, Annie C.

It was all too much. “I was looking to quit for a while,” he tells his interviewer in No Direction Home. “I’d just about had it Answering questions like this.” In this light, the motorcycle crash that occurred soon after the conclusion of the 1966 British tour, bringing an end to the first chapter in Dylan’s career, seems less like an accident than a bizarre act of providence..


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