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30 Kingston This Week Frontenac This Week Thursday, November 10, 2011 Masonry matters, don’t delay repairs KATHLEEN DORE Special to QMI Agency Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Good advice if you’re talking about your arm, but not the masonry on your home. That’s because even seemingly durable materials like brick and stone need regular maintenance before they deteriorate and before small problems become big, costly ones to repair.

In 2006, 180 began working for Motorola, an account that employs Omnicom’s BBDO and Goodby, Silverstein Partners. Arnell Group had dropped its name from the AG Worldwide moniker several years ago when Interpublic’s Draft (now DraftFCB) purchased a controlling 55% of the shop. It reverted back to Arnell Group in 2001 following its buyback from Draft and subsequent sale to Omnicom.

This new agreement also has a clause stating that in the event of privatization of the casino, the new operator will be bound by this new three agreement which gives the Thunder Bay workers an immediate $800 signing bonus and a 1.75 per cent wage increase in the third year. On the privatization issue, Bob Gallagher, for the USW union told me was talked about in the past, but not as much now. Time the government.

Failure to accurately assess risk limits us in many ways. We imagine the “risk” of talking with our children about drugs, dating or sex and we put off having the “talk,” even though the risks of NOT talking are infinitely greater. Fear of flying and public speaking are two more “risks” affecting millions of people.

I can wait until we can put the pads on. Ready to start knocking some helmets around.”The Blue Devils begin with 17 players on the varsity, down from 27 at the start of last season. Numbers on the junior varsity are solid, with 36 practicing Monday.”Anyone who has been upset about playing a sport in the past and not getting playing time is going to love it this year,” Menard said.

MADISON (WKOW) The Republican leader of the State Assembly told fellow lawmakers Thursday there is no longer any true free speech on University of Wisconsin campuses and that needs to change. Jesse Kremer (R Kewaskum), who also appeared in front of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities in a crowded hearing that lasted most of the day. Constitution that students and faculty have the freedom to discuss any problem as permitted by the First Amendment and within specified limits that any person lawfully present on campus may protest or demonstrate, but that protests and demonstrations that interfere with the expressive rights of others are subject to sanction that campuses are open to invited speakers that public areas are public forums and open on the same terms to any speaker that institutions must remain neutral on public policy controversies.Speaker Vos testified that UW System schools have been unfair and at times hostile to conservatives who have been invited to speak on their campuses, citing an incident during a speech by a prominent conservative who spoke here last November.”Students at the UW Madison disrupted a speech by Ben Shapiro, shouting obscenities and physically blocking the audiences view of the speaker,” said Speaker Vos.The bill would create a disciplinary process that sets up punishments for students who “engage in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, obscene, unreasonably loud, or other disorderly conduct that interferes with the free expression of others.”Democrats on the committee called that language too broad and subjective.UW System officials said they don’t have a problem with the bill’s intent, but they also questioned how it’s written and how it would be implemented.”The student discipline process seems overly prescriptive to us and inflexible,” said Jessica Tormey, chief of staff to UW System President Ray Cross.That discipline could include suspension or even expulsion of any student found guilty of a second offense.Rep.


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