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CertainTeed is broadening its indoor air quality (IAQ) gypsum board product line with the addition of AirRenew Essential. Featuring industry first VOC scavenging technology, AirRenew Essential offers a cost effective solution for healthier interior environments in residential construction and remodeling projects. Through patent pending technology, AirRenew Essential proactively captures VOCs, specifically formaldehyde and other aldehydes, and converts them into safe, inert compounds.

Recently I found an article on the Internet claiming ‘state of the art’ antenna designs for 2m. While reading through the document I winced and gasped at the claims and play on words. I do not normally react to things like this but due to the way this document was written, readers may very well be mislead into believing ‘facts’ that are either not true, unproven or are a ‘bending of the truth’..

On Sunday, I went to the for a bit in the morning, but did not stay long. The afternoon, I checked out Bahia Gay Pride Parade which was going on a fairly short distance from our home. Didn stay for long, but it was certainly quite something. Very pleased to welcome Ajak back to the community during this gathering at Sault High, said Tim Hall, Superintendent of Sault Area Public Schools. Has written to former Sault Schools Board President Gwen Worley, and he said he is very excited to return and is looking forward to seeing everyone. A Rotary Club member who helped facilitate living and learning accommodations for Ajak and his cousins, will be in town for the event..

An exhaust hose is a type of flexible hose used to extract vehicle exhaust fumes from an indoor automobile repair facility. A method of removing the automobile exhaust is necessary as exhaust contains carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic. Exhaust hoses is very easy to use and provides a safe method for the removal of exhaust fumes..

Once the moving party meets that burden, the non moving party must show by admissible evidence that there does exist a dispute as to material facts. Id . (citing Godbout v . It couldn’t have been easy for the Mississauga, Ont., native. One thing the Argos did was take one of his answers and spin it against him in their follow up question. They’ve studied enough film to know the answers to the questions they’re asking, so the point is to see how he reacts to stress..

The ruckus started when a person I’ve never heard of purposely misstated points I made in a speaking engagement today at the Rotary of Baton Rouge. It is a great place to speak, and I’ve been fortunate to speak to that stellar group before, but I’ve never had my work there hijacked by any attendee who intended harm. This is new territory for me..


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