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That line of questioning caused Judge Paul V. Niemeyer who voted in favor of the Trump administration in the earlier challenge to pounce and say that the tweets are not legally significant. He was joined by Judge Dennis Shedd, who said that while some could interpret some of the President’s statements as “dripping” with discrimination, others could see them in a different light..

Some citycars sell on cute and cuddly virtues. This isn’t one of them. Here instead, the urban runabout has grown up, become mature, got itself properly sorted. The men tied Tari’s neck with cane ropes, dragged him to an isolated spot and buried him in a shallow pit. The nature of his injuries was established after health and mortuary workers dug up his body. “He was chopped and slashed with bush knives on both arms and legs, chest and stomach, which revealed his intestines.

4. The Dickies Johnny collar top is a beautiful classical and traditional additional to what Dickies has to offer. This Dickies whites is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Like, say, a producer on one of Kevin Smith podcasts telling movie site Collider that Fox and Marvel are interested in seeing their characters cross over in films. What the guy actually said was that according his sources, Fox and Marvel have of talked, but not really and that years away from that ever possibly happening. Yet that didn stop fans (or fan focused websites) from suggesting imminent team ups between the X Men and Avengers..

A fairly recent Nanos poll for Policy Options, for instance, was quite clear: only 10% of Canadians one in 10 said they were satisfied with the way things were done in the House of Commons; two thirds of them, meanwhile, wanted to see vastly improved behaviour there. Said the respected polling firm: overwhelming majority thinks the House of Commons would be more effective if MPs had more free votes in the House and were more polite in question period are tuned out, turned off and skeptical of the effectiveness of the House of Commons. Than half of Canadians, Nanos found, are not getting information about government from the Internet, newspapers or radio.

LOS ANGELES Warner Bros.’ “San Andreas” is no box office disaster, with the 3D action pic drawing $18.2 million on Friday, setting it on track for a projected weekend haul of $47 million at 3,777 locations and smashing past early estimates that put it around the $40 million mark. Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha,” meanwhile, was left in the dust, eyeing a modest $10 11 million weekend after a slow Friday that drew approximately $3.6 million at 2,815 sites. Joe: Retaliation” ($40.5 million)..


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